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Training is an important part of efforts towards implementing Baby-friendly practices in a health facility. All staff in contact with pregnant women and mothers of infants and young children should be able to assist breastfeeding and use baby-friendly practices relevant to their role. All staff should be oriented to the hospital’s policies before they commence work.

BFHI in Ireland does not 
- provide training courses directly to hospitals, 
- require hospitals to teach any particular course, and 
- accredit courses or course facilitators. 

The term “The BFHI 18-hour Course” has no clear meaning in Ireland as there is no agreed curriculum or outcomes. There is NO breastfeeding management course in Ireland that is accredited by BFHI Ireland, UNICEF or WHO – at present or in the past. One Training of Trainers Course about ten years ago was accredited.

BFHI Link issues focusing on training needs

Information on what knowledge and skills are needed for those who assist mothers can be found in BFHI Link Issue 21, December 2004

and BFHI Link Issue 5, March 2000

As well as the information in other BFHI Link issues on implementing practices of each of the Ten Steps and Code.

The WHO/UNICEF global course, which was highly revised in 2006, can be downloaded from http://www.unicef.org/nutrition/index_24850.html 

Section 3: Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in a Baby-Friendly Hospital, a 20-hour course for maternity staff

3.1    Guidelines for Course Facilitators         pdf   447 KB

3.2    Outlines of Course Sessions                  pdf 1470 KB

3.3    PowerPoint Slides for the Course          ppt 2714 KB

Section 3.1 includes an appendix with ideas for orientation sessions for non-clinical staff as well as a list of useful web sites for training ideas.

Why we recommend... Practical education for all health care professionals   (adapted from BFI UK)

Learning Outcomes for Breastfeeding Management Courses (adapted from BFI UK)

Education Session for health workers on discussing infant formula use with parents


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