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BFHI Link newsletter 

BFHI Link is the newsletter for hospitals participating in the maternity or paediatric programmes. BFHI Link can be downloaded and distributed. Items from BFHI Link can be used in non-commercial publications provided that BFHI in Ireland is credited. 

Each issue contains pages for health workers including practice guidance, research updates and resources to download. Most issues include a page that can be can be downloaded and distributed as a leaflet for parents, student health workers and other interested  people. These leaflets are listed by topic on the Parent Leaflets page. 

These newsletters start from the first days of BFHI in Ireland in May 1999 and most of the practice guidance is still relevant. Some information may no longer be current as regards contacts, web links and research findings. Please be aware of the date when you are reading a newsletter. Note the BFHI web site is now www.babyfriendly.ie 
If you wish to translate any of this material, please contact to discuss as a translation may already be in development. You are welcome to suggest a topic.

Research indicates that the BFHI is valuable, Companion of choice during labour and childbirth, Alcohol and Breastfeeding,  Link to animated videos on responding to your baby, sleep, and support,News and Resources update.  Handout: Breastfeeding Related Apps for Health Care Providers. Link Issue 59 Dec 2016 pdf 600KB

Making changes to breastfeeding supportive care, Breastfeeding as a part of sustainable development, Rates for 2015, Activities in Maternity Units and Hospitals, What's New on the BFHI web site, News and Resources update. Parent handout: Surviving the Second Night. Link Issue 58 Sept 2016 pdf 885KB

Feeding Choice? But where does the information come from to make an informed feeding decision? Reports of some Action Plans in Maternity Units and Hospitals in 2015, Baby Friendly Neonatal Update, What's New on the BFHI web site, News and Resources update. Parent handout: Feeding your baby is your decision but who is influencing you? Link Issue 57 June 2016 pdf 857KB

Obesity and infant feeding,  Step One: Have a policy, why and how, Resources and Research Update. Parent handout: Responsive Feeding. Link Issue 56 Dec 2015 pdf 559KB

Rates for 2014, Feeding babies in times of emergencies (homelessness and refugee migrations also), Mothers' milk has no waste disposal cost, Ideas to share:communication, Some thoughts on "supplement" use, News and Resources update. Parent handout: Position for feeding. Link Issue 55 Sept 2015 pdf 625 KB

Human milk for human babies, using maternity records for consistency and ease of audit, sticker to record supplements, research and resources update. Parent Handout: Is my milk good enough? Yes its great! Link Issue 54 May 2015 pdf 664 KB

Overfullness and engorged breasts, experiences from hospitals linking BFHI and Quality and Safety activities, BFHI National structure changes. Parent Handout: If your breasts feel over-full. Link Issue 53 December 2014 pdf 600KB

Step 10 On-going Support why and what, national feeding rates 2013, research update and news. Parent Handout: Support helps to answer questions of new parents. Link Issue 52 September 2014 pdf 700KB

Step 2 Staff Training - benefits and low cost ways, human milk for babies in neonatal unit, BFHI as a part of national standards. Parent Handout: Questions about breastfeeding? Link Issue 51 April 2014 pdf 800KB

Early term or late preterm? Assisting the baby born a little early. Time to evaluate. Parent handout: Baby signs of stress and relaxed. Link Issue 50 December 2013 pdf 1.7MB

Feeding rates for 2012, reducing cost of excess formula use, updated guidelines. Parent handout: Not happy with your care? Tell someone. Link Issue 49 Sept 2013 pdf 1.7MB minor update Oct 2014

Breastfeeding after a C-section, BFHI web site resources, economic costs of not breastfeeding, mainstreaming the BFHI. Parent handout: After a C-section. Link Issue 48 June 2013 pdf 1.6MB

Labour support makes a difference, who provides support? Parent handout: Having a support person during labour and birth. Link Issue 47 Dec 2012 pdf 419KB

BFHI makes a difference, survey on educational materials, think before you participate in formula marketing events. Parent Handout: Guide to the HSE National Infant Feeding Policy (various languages) (See the Project Resources Page for link to the full policy). Link Issue 46 Sept 2012 pdf 500KB

Ideas from action plans, principles versus techniques of positioning. Handout: Crossword. Link Issue 45 May 2012 pdf 378KB

Exclusive breastfeeding and starting complementary feeding. Parent handout: Is my baby ready for solid foods? Link Issue 44 Dec 2011 pdf 600KB

Assisting women who are not breastfeeding, informed decision making and carrying out the discusion safely. Link Issue 43 Sept 2011 pdf 549KB

Ideas from action plans, BFHI makes a difference, comparing rates. Parent handout: When you are minding a breastfed baby. Link Issue 42 April 2011 pdf 600KB

Infant weight changes first few days, human milk bank. Link Issue 41 December 2010 pdf 1000KB

Ideas for National Breastfeeding Week, steps to supporting breastfeeding, rates for 2010. Parent handout: What to expect in a Baby Friendly Hospital. Link Issue 40 September 2010 pdf 663KB

All staff have a role in protecting breastfeeding (Step 2), Providing effective staff training. Parent handout: Signs that feeding is going well (Step 5). Link Issue 39 May 2010 pdf 852KB

Breastfeeding protects in emergencies, breastfeeding is important for mothers. Parent handout: Feeding babies during emergencies (share with local emergency coordinators also). Link Issue 38 December 2009 pdf 661KB

Swine flu, materals in languages other than English, Antenatal discussions and information on formula feeding. Handout: Antenatal discussion checklist Link Issue 37 October 2009 pdf 1MB

Breastfeeding the late preterm infant, sign language. Parent Handout: Coping with pain during labour. Link Issue 36 June 2009 pdf 938KB

Preterm infants need mothers' milk, what assists breastfeeding in neonatal units. Parent Handout: Mother's milk is important for a premature baby. Link Issue 35 December 2008 pdf 591KB

Five golden rules to support breastfeeding, how BFHI Link assists hospitals to implement best practices, using the website resources of BFHI. Parent Handout: Your milk is more valuable than gold - and it is green. Link Issue 34 September 2008 pdf 1MB 

When mother is ill or a hospital patient, mastitis mothers with diabetes. Parent Handout: Learning baby signs. Link Issue 33 May 2008  pdf 437KB

Antenatal information and discusion: revision to Step 3, resources for discussions. Parent Handout: What can a father do? Link Issue 32 December 2007 pdf 607KB

Reasons for supplementing the breastfeeding baby, medical indications, staff time, mother request, DVT. Parent Handout - does your baby need more than mother's milk? Link Issue 31 August 2007 pdf 542KB

Breastfeeding and workplace support, BFHI Global revision, keeping up BFHI standards and reassessment process. Parent Handout: Breastfeeding and working away from home. Link Issue 30 March 2007 pdf 731KB

Grieving while lactating: baby dies before or at birth, one baby of a multiple birth, coping with milk supply.  Rates for 2005. Link Issue 29 December 2006 pdf 463KB

Infant weight gain, growth standards and new charts, perceived low milk supply. Parent Handout: Do I have enough milk? Link Issue 28 September 2006  pdf 527KB

Composition of human milk, more than food. Parent Handout - Mother's Milk is Magic. Link Issue 27 June 2006 pdf 650KB

Action Planning, Step 4: Birth practices and breastfeeding, early skin to skin contact. Parent Handout - Letter from baby. Link Issue 26 March 2006 pdf 489KB

Expression of breastmilk - Step 5, why, how, assisting learning the skills. Parent handout: Milk Expression. Link Issue 25 January 2006 pdf 410KB

Providing information without marketing, what is marketing. Parent handout: Types of infant formula. Link Issue 24 September 2005 pdf 482KB

Sustaining breastfeeding, natural age for stopping breastfeeding, breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem nursing. Parent handout:Breastfeeding the older baby. Link Issue 23 June 2005 pdf 425KB

Breastfeeding needs support in disaster aid, Research Update on importance of breastfeeding. Parent handout: pregnancy is a good time to discuss ... Link Issue 22 March 2005  pdf 561KB

Staff Training (Step 2), knowledge plus skills, expected competencies. Parent handout: Before you go home, make sure that....(various languages). Link Issue 21 December 2004  pdf 599KB

When a breastfeeding mother is ill, mediations and treatments, hospitalisation, suporting breastfeeding in a general hospital. Parent handout: When a breastfeeding mother is illLink Issue 20 September 2004 pdf 152KB

Research Update: Skin to skin contact and Kangaroo Care, sources of updates. Parent handout: When your grandchild is breastfed. Link Issue 19 June 2004   pdf 688KB

Maternal nutrition preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, culture and nutrion, nutrional risk factors. Parent handout: Healthy eating when breastfeeding. Link Issue 18 March 2004  pdf 768KB 

Breastfeeding at the heart of health promotion: woman, child, mental health, heart health, combating poverty. Special Insert for Hospital Administrators: Breastfeeding is good for hospitals too.  Link Issue 17 December 2003  pdf 435KB 

Mothering with a disability, what helps and what hinders. Parent handout: Motherswith a disability and breastfeeding. Link Issue 16 August 2003  pdf 430KB 

Breastfeeding information on the web for health workes and for parents. Parent handout: Evaluating material that you find.  Link Issue 15 June 2003  pdf 471KB  

Breastfeeding support at work, why support breastfeeding and how employers can support it. Parent handout: Balancing breastfeeding and employment. Link Issue 14 Dec 2002 pdf 672KB 

Six months exclusive breastfeeding - why? Starting complementary feeding. Parent handout: Exclusive breastfeeding fo six months. Link Issue 13 Sept 2002  pdf 605KB 

Breastfeeding in paediatric units, supportive practices and environment. Parent handout: Breastfeeding your hospitalised baby.  Link Issue 12 March 2002  pdf 829KB 

Code of Marketing: responsibilities of hospitals and health workers. Parent handout: Informed decision making means knowing both sides. Link Issue 11 November 2001 pdf 699KB 

What if baby can't feed at the breast: cup Feeding, devices - Step Nine. Parent handout: How to cup feed.  Link Issue 10 July 2001 pdf 749KB 

Attitudes to infant feeding; Avoiding artificial teats and dummies - Step Nine. Parent handout: When baby cries.  Link Issue 9 February 2001  pdf 608KB

Exclusive Breastfeeding - Step Six, risks from suplements. Parent handout: Just one bottle. Link Issue 8 November 2000 pdf 497KB 

Step Eight: Baby-led feeding, why and how to implement. Parent handout:Baby-led or demand feeding. Link Issue 7 September 2000 pdf 459KB 

Setting targets in action plans, Step Three: Antenatal information, what to provide and what not to provide. Parent handout: A father can help with breastfeeding. Link Issue 6 June 2000  pdf 105KB 

Step Two: Training for health workers, why and what, time and attitudes. Parent handout: Long term effects of infant feeding decisions. Link Issue 5 March 2000 pdf 94KB 

Step Ten: Ongoing Support. Not available in web format

BFHI and health promotion strategies. Step One: Policy, why, what, how. Link Issue 3 October 1999  pdf 141KB 

Early initiation - Step Four. Importance of skin to skin contact, challenges to implementation. Parent handout: Early skin to skin contact. Link Issue 2 July 1999 pdf 366KB 

Rooming-in - Step Seven. Importance of staying close, challenges to implementation. Parent handout: Rooming-in. Link Issue 1 May 1999 pdf 351KB 


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