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On the way

Baby Friendly Neonatal Service

A Nordic-Canadian group developed a neonatal package which can be accessed here. Some elements of this initiative are now included in the HSE Infant Feeding Policy for Maternity and Neonatal Units (2015) and some elements will be included in assessments in Ireland from 2017 and in audit tools. More details will be posted during 2017.


Currently inactive Programmes

Paediatric Services

BFHI in Ireland also has a Breastfeeding Supportive Paediatric Project. You can appraise your paediatric service practices by using the Paediatric Self-Appraisal Form. Note the contact details are out of date on the FAQ. 
Paediatric BFHI FAQ (pdf 114 KB) 
Paediatric Self-Appraisal form (pdf 272 KB)
Ten Steps to Supporting Breastfeeding in the Paediatric Unit (pdf 90 KB)

Breastfeeding Supportive Workplace

Is your health facility supportive of staff who return to work breastfeeding? Review the supports in place with the Self-Appraisal checklist. 
Breastfeeding Supportive Workplace FAQ (pdf 71 KB)
Breastfeeding Supportive Workplace Criteria (pdf 124 KB)
Breastfeeding Supportive Workplace Self-Appraisal (pdf 114 KB)

More information on supporting breastfeeding in the workplace:
Breastfeeding and Working booklet (HSE)
Legislation on breastfeeding breaks
Trade Union material on maternity support
Health and Safety Authority
BFHI Link Issue 14 and Issue 30

Breastfeeding Supportive Whole Hospital

BFHI Link newsletter Issue 20 includes a checklist and information.


Baby Friendly Primary Care / Community Health Services 

Community health services is currently not part of the remit of the BFHI in Ireland. There is no global WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative package for community health centres / primary health care. There is a wide diversity of health systems at primary care level and this makes it difficult to have a global programme.
One example developed by Genevieve Becker acting as a consultant to some other countries can be accessed here
Another example is the Baby Friendly UK http://www.unicef.org.uk/babyfriendly/  Baby Friendly Canada and Baby Friendly New Zealand use variations of the UK model. 
There are models probably in other countries also.
There is also a model in the BFHI global package Section 1. http://www.unicef.org/nutrition/files/BFHI_2009_s1.pdf

A feasibility study of BFHI in the community in Ireland done in 2007 can accessed here.


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